Swamp-Viper – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Swamp-Viper

Amphibious Assault Troopers

Swamp-Viper members are the primary coastal defenders of Cobra Island. While guarding the fetid marshes used to be a punishment, numerous invasions on Cobra Commander´s home soil have created a need for an elite class of trooper specifically trained for this duty. They know its maze-like system of shallow canals and swamp land better than the native snakes, crocodiles and Komodo dragons. Although these interconnecting waterways are abundantly stocked with ravenously hungry reptiles, the Swamp-Viper feels right at home in these hostile conditions. They wear fully protective uniforms with oxygen re-breather units built into their bulbous helmets, allowing them to hunt silently, half submerged until their prey wanders within striking distance. They live for the thrill of tracking and capturing anyone or anything that invades their territory.

From Cobra Commander´s Files: “I will not take any chances; I´ve personally selected a detachment of the most ruthless Swamp-Viper members to accompany me during my meetings with Black Dragon on Anaconda Beach.”




Black backpack
Black submachine gun
Black laser rifle
Black flamethrower
Black rifle