Python Viper – Python Patrol

Code Name: Python Viper

Python Patrol Assault Viper

The Python Viper is the backbone of the Python Patrol. He is highly motivated, superbly trained, and formidably equipped. Due to the Pythonizing Process*, this particular viper is equipped with stealth-like capabilities, whereby he can penetrate enemy areas undetected! His combination rifle/grenade launcher has been retro-fitted with a passive, infrared seeker and the barrel rifling has been changed to accept hyper-velocity discarding ammunition.

* A process in which personnel and/or vehicles are outfitted with a primary layer of radar-resistant black-ball paint, then blanketed with a thermal-wave dispersal grid.

“If you want to get anywhere in the Python Patrol, you have to start out as a Python Viper. That’s the bottom line of the pyramid, and serving in the Python infantry is a small price to pay to gain access to the glittering prizes at the top. The Python Command doesn’t reward success with parades and medals. They offer material wealth, power and an outlet for the terrible urges that drive those who are greedy, envious and the cruel. If that doesn’t make a Python Viper a dangerous opponent, nothing does!”



Black backpack
Black rifle