Python Tele-Viper – Python Patrol

Code Name: Python Tele-Viper

Python Patrol Communications

He´s the RTO* of Python Patrol´s ground forces. The Python Tele-Viper is equipped with a modular radio pack that contains all new, sophisticated radar jamming devices. He carries digital scrambler/decoders and low speed recording decks for ultra-high speed burst transmissions, enabling Python Patrol personnel to communicate rapidly with other Cobra units and support elements.

* Radio Telecommunications Operator

“It´s almost impossible to stay undetected as long as this guy is in the field! As soon as your position is discovered, you might as well ´call a day´ because he is going to radio-in for an air strike on your location before you can get away! Once he has you, he has you!”



Black backpack
Black scanner
Black hose