Red Star – Oktober Guard

Code Name: Red Star

Oktober Guard Officer

File Name: Krimov, Anatoly Fyodorovich


Primary Military Speciality: Commando Operations (Naval Infantry)

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: Odessa, Ukraine, USSR

Grade: Captain

Detached from the crack Black Sea Regiment of the Soviet Naval Infantry, (equivalent of our Marine Corps), Red Star now commands the Russian version of the G.I. Joe Team, known as the Oktober Guard*. He was the youngest chess master in Odessa at the age of eleven, and is a published Pushkin scholar, his monograph on “Boris Godonov” being considered the definitive work. In his spare time, he coaches the pistol team at the Dynamo Sports Club at Moscow.

* This elite formation includes volunteers from the Spetznatz Commandoes, the Airborne Brigades and the KGB Border Guards.

“Red Star came home from that mess in Afghanistan with a bad attitude and a funny look in his eye, but when they needed and experienced field commander to lead the Oktober Guard, he leaped at the chance. He wasn´t about to let the top volunteers from all the best units be led by some party toad with relatives in the high command and a yen to become a hero of the Soviet Union.”



Black parachute pack
Black rifle w/stock