Misha – Oktober Guard

– Oktober Guard

Code Name: Misha

Oktober Guard Soldier

File Name: Zubenkov, Misha L.


Primary Military Speciality: Artillery

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Smolensk, Russia

Grade: N/A

Sgt. Misha is a tough and determined soldier who seens beyond borders and rivalries. He believes that combining forces with the GI Joe team is the way to go if the two groups hope to defeat the Cobra organization. While his family expected him to follow in their footsteeps and work in the family glass factory, Sgt. Misha had other ideas. He joined the Russian Army then was recruited for the Oktober Guard after many of its original members met their demise during an ill-fated mission against Cobra. He´s an expert with a variety of weapons from submachine guns to grenade launchers and laser-guided missile systems, and he advises the Oktober Guard on the most effective application of weapons in their confrontations with Cobra.

“Sometimes a persuasive discussion can help Cobra see the error of their ways. It that doesn´t work, a well-aimed rocket launcher will definately get them to change their minds.”




TAN helmet
Tan belt
Black knife
Black rifle
Black machinegun