Lt. Gorky v2 – Oktober Guard

Code Name: Lt. Gorky

Oktober Guard Commando

File Name: Gorky, Mikhail P.


Primary Military Speciality: Naval Commando

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Arkhangelsk, Russia

Grade: N/A

Lt. Gorky was recruited for the Oktober Guard when reinforcements were needed to bolster the ranks of this formidable group, which is the Russian equivalent of the GI Joe team. He comes to the Guard with the extensive experience in land, sea and air operations. Formerly a member of the Russian Navy´s Black Sea Fleet, Lt. Gorky is a tough and vcrsatile fighter who is utterly fearless in battle and capable of handling any situation thrown at him. The hard-nosed members of the original Oktober Guard reserved their acceptance of him until he had proved his mettle on a real operation. He more than earned his right to be part of the team during a treacherous mission in which the Guard teamed up with the GI Joe team in a joint operation against Cobra.

“You have to be smart when you´re fighting a group as devious and dangerous as Cobra. So it makes more sense for us to work with the GI Joe team rather than against them. We need to join forces to defeat a common enemy.”




Black AK-47 rifle
2 black handguns
Brown holster