Lt. Gorky – Oktober Guard

Lt. Gorky
– Oktober Guard

Code Name: Lt. Gorky

Oktober Guard Commando

File Name: Gorky, Mikhail P.

SN: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Naval Commando

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Arkhangelsk, Russia, USSR

Grade: Lieutenant (equivalent)

Lt. Gorky was a latecomer to the Oktober Guard team when reinforcements were needed. Although detached from the Black Sea regiment of the Naval Infantry, the Soviet equivalent of the Navy Seals, Gorky was frequently treated like an inexperienced youngster by the other members of the team. To that end, he grew a beard to appear more mature. But it wasn´t facial fuzz that gained him the respect of the Oktober Guard. Gorky is utterly fearless in battle, and his training allows him to handle any environment thrown at him. He despises Cobra, but doesn´t have the same hostility towards the G. I. Joe team that Col. Brekhov tends to have. In fact, Gorky has a mild crush on Lady Jaye, but the situations where the two might encounter each other don´t really allow for this expression of feelings, and Gorky is first and foremost committed to getting the job done for his team.

From Colonel Brekhov´s Files: “So I am sent this kid with a reputation for being the best the Naval Infantry has to offer. I am not impressed. Then I see him against Cobra, and not just the troops, but tanks and helicopters. He stands his grounds. Now I am impressed”




Black backpack
Black machinegun