Dragonsky v2 – Oktober Guard

Dragonsky v2
– Oktober Guard

Code Name: Dragonsky

Oktober Guard Soldier

File Name: Dragonsky, Andrei


Primary Military Speciality: Vehicle Driver

Secondary Military Speciality: Incendiary Weapons

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Grade: N/A

Dragonsky can operate just about any form of wheeled transportation with impressive skill and just enough reckless abandon to scare the enemy into a hasty retreat. He´s an expert with a flamethrower and prefers it above any other weapon. He can aim a fiery blast with amazing precision and never seems to be bothered by the intense heat. A former member of the Soviet Army, Dragonsky joined the Oktober Guard as the team´s mechanic, welder and incendiary weapons specialist. He has combined all three skills to build custom-designed fire-blasting attachments for the team´s vehicles. Cobra forces have been unpleasantly surprised to find themselves blasted by a wall of flames where just moments ago there was only an innocent-looking transport vehicle.

“Whenever the enemy tries to make the situation for for me, I make it ten times hotter for them.”




Silver backpack w/black hose
Silver flamethrower