Big Bear – Oktober guard

Code Name: Big Bear

Oktober Guard Anti-Armor Specialist

File Name: Rostoff, Grigori Ivanonvich


Primary Military Speciality: Air Assault

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: Archangel, Russia SSR

Grade: Sergeant (Serzhant)

Big Bear grew up in a place where the conditions are cold, wet, and nasty – everyday! He can be meaner than a Sibirian wolf with its leg caught in a steel trap and wilder than an Murmansk fur merchant. Transferred from the elite 103rd Guards Air Assault Division, Big Bear´s main gripe about the Oktober Guard was the constant reference to it as the Soviet Union´s counterpart of G.I. Joe! He would snap back stating, “G.I. Joes – our counterparts!” Big Bear enjoys rumbling into the battle behind the wheels of the infamous G.I. Joe Attack Cruiser and Badger!

“You G.I. Joes! Airborne troops afraid to fall without parachutes! No guts!”



Black backpack
Black missile launcher
Black machinegun
2 Yellow missiles