Maverick – BF2000

Code Name: Maverick

Jet Fighter Pilot

File Name: Kiley, Thomas P.

SN: 519-46-7007

Primary Military Speciality: Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: Ida Grove, Iowa

Grade: O-3 (Captain)

Maverick graduated at the top of his class from the Air Force Academy and promptly volunteered for every experimental program that came down the line. Consequently, he is one of the few pilots qualified to operate the entire range of multifunction, programmable keyboard controls, voice-actuated weapons systems and ‘open-loop’ biocybernetic situations analysis computers. He has the physical strength to withstand massive G-forces, the reflexes of a gymnast and a clarity of eyesight that reads off the scale…

“He´s a natural flyer. He can´t remember a time when he wasn´t flying. Honest. You see, his mum flew a crop duster all across the corn belt. An old Stearman biplane. This was back before day-care, right? She´d just strap him in, hand him a water gun and jelly sandwich and take off for a day of dusting bollworms.”



Blue helmet
Silver lasergun