Code Name: Nullifier

Iron Grenadiers A.G.P. Pilot

The only advantage of an Anti-Gravity-Pod, (considering its poor energy consumption to performance ratio) is its ability to turn sharply and to “stop on a dime.” Acute maneuvers of this sort can be physically debilitating to anybody but a Nullifier! These A.G.P. pilots require a six hour weight workout every day simply to maintain their massive physique and high levels of endurance. Such training is necessary in order for them to command a vehicle that can reduce a normal man to a gelatinous pulp during the course of a simple turn.

“Nullifiers are fed solely on a diet of high protein gruel that looks like grey mush and tastes like wet cardboard. Their muscles are always sore and their nerves are constantly on edge from the stress. Consequently, a Nullifier usually has the temperament of a rabid pit-bull, and is more likely to bite!”



Pink visor