Code Name: Annihilator

Destro´s Elite Trooper

Annihilator are Cobra´s personal bodyguardss and elite airborne assault troops. They can be deployed by sea, air and land “take-off” with their mini-tubine Heli-packs on their backs and descend upon their target like armoured locusts. Annihilators are recruited from the ranks of the Iron Grenadiers. As part of their indoctrination into the Annihilator Corps, they must serve an apprenticeship as hardsell telephone solicitors, procuring sales for Cobra´s M.A.R.S.* armaments corporation. Not only does this help to increase Cobra´s coffers, but it also reinforces their tenacity and ruthlessness.

* Military Armaments Research System

“Annihilators don´t get medals, they get shares of stock in M.A.R.S. and active participation in Cobra´s profit sharing plan! These guys are the ultimate specialists in hostile takeovers!”



Grey backpack
Grey rotorshaft
Grey rotor
Black controlhandle
Black machinegun
Black submachinegun