Tripwire v3 – Tiger Force

Code Name: Tripwire

Tiger Force Mine Detector

File Name: Skoog, Tormod S.

SN: 089-32-9227

Primary Military Speciality: Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Secondary Military Speciality: Tiger Fly Co-Pilot

Birthplace: Hibbing, Minnesota

Grade: E-4 (Specialist)

Tripwire dropped out of high school at a naval base in Yokosoka, Japan (Father´s career is in the Navy). Spent two years in a Zen Monastery pondering the meaning of life. He was later expelled for breaking too many dishes and spilling every conceivable liquid. He joined the Army at 19 and received spiritual awakening on the grenade range. After boot camp he signed up for demolition training at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. It was there he aqquired the name “Tripwire” for his outstanding ability to conceal the tripwires that led to high-powered explosives.

“Tripwire freaks people out. He´s always clumsy, jittery, and dropping things except when he´s working with high explosives. He´s as cool as a cucumber when he´s planting XGF-2565 nitro on the battlefield, under heavy machine gun fire! I don´t know how he does it, but we´re sure glad he´s on our side!”



Dark grey backpack
3 x dark grey mines
Dark grey minesweeper