Skystriker – Tiger Force

Code Name: Skystriker

Tiger Rat Pilot

File Name: Russo, Alexander P.

SN: 780-45-9887

Primary Military Speciality: Tiger Rat Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Tactician

Birthplace: Providence, Rhode Island

Grade: O-5 (Lt. Colonel)

You might say that flying is in Skystriker´s blood. He grew up on an Air Force base in Maryland where his father was in charge of flight operations. Facinated with fighter jets, Skystriker decided to make a career for himself in the Air Force. Upon graduation from the United States Air Force Academy, he went to Officer´s Flight Training School to become a pilot. After he received his “wings”, Skystriker flew X-30 fighters during several G.I. Joe attacks on Cobra Island! He shot down over 15 Cobra Mamba copters, severely crippling Cobra´s island defenses! Skystriker was tapped for duty on Tiger Force because of his fearless attitude in the face of danger!

“The man was born to fly! I saw Skystriker pull-off a double-looped nose dive in front of two enemy fighters, then shoot them down before they could pick him up on their radar scopes! It was unbelievable! When it comes to combat acrobatics, this ´fly-boy´ takes the cake!”



Brown helmet
Brown antenna
Clear visor