Recondo v2 – Tiger Force

Code Name: Recondo/Wild Bill

Tiger Fly Pilot

File Name: Hardy, William S.

SN: RA 056-403-211

Primary Military Speciality: Tiger Fly Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Fixed Wing Pilot, Aircraft Armourer

Birthplace: Hull, England

Grade: CW-4

Hardy served as a combat infantryman and participated in various overseas operations during the 1960´s and 1970´s. He reenlisted for Flight Warrant Officers School and became Chief Warrant Officer within two years. During his final year at W.O. School he attended courses for advanced training and now leads the Tiger Force aerial reconnaissance unit.

“Amiable and slow talking, Recondo/Wild Bill has always fancied himself as a country and western singer and is never seen without his genuine Texas stetson. Totally honest in personal dealings, but not beyond spinning a tall story for the amusement of his comrades.”



Green backpack
Black rifle