Marujo – Força Tigre

Code Name: Marujo

Tiger Coast Guard

File Name: N/A


Primary Military Speciality: N/A

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: N/A

Grade: N/A

Who hasn’t heard of “Marujo”? The son of a Coast Guard patrolman, who saved a Tigre Commando military base! Born and raised on a maritime platform, the immense sea was his backyard and his friends, the dolphins. When the young “Marujo” discovered that the Cobras were installing submarine explosives at the Tigre military base, many miles away, the Commandos called the boy, who was reputed to “talk to the fish”. Later, “Marujo” went to Força Tigre, – an elite troop composed of super Commandos for missions that require superhuman ability. Since then, “the sea is not for Cobra!”

“Disclaimer: All text above was done via online translation from the Brazillian filecard.”



Black bazooka
Black M-16 rifle


Card Front

Card Back