Flint (Chinese) – Tiger Force

Code Name: Flint

Commando Palace

File Name: Fairburn

Primary Military Speciality: On Foot Combat

Secondary Military Speciality: Explosion Expert

Birthplace: Kansas, USA

“Flint” majored in Yinggang Literature in the university and won a scholarship with excellent results. After graduation, he seemed to join the military because he hated the rigid life. After joining the army, he also kept learning with the dedicated attitude and strong overall ambition when he was studying. As a result, he graduated from the flight school, the actual attack school and the special training school with excellent results. “Flint” has led countless secret rescue operations that have not been disclosed for confidential reasons. Every time, he personally planned and led the same article to successfully return to the enemy area!

Some of the “special forces” members who were once accompanied recalled that they thought that they were locked up by the “Cobra” in the prison where they could not see the sun. Suddenly, I heard the helicopter hovering on the roof, and then a series of explosions, and I didn’t know what was going on outside. Suddenly, the door of the cell was kicked open heavily. In the smoke, I saw the “Flint” standing there and quackled to us, “Brothers, you can go back tired!!

“Disclaimer: All text above was done via online translation from the Chinese filecard.”





Brown backpack
black shotgun