Dusty v2 – Tiger Force

Code Name: Dusty

Tiger Force Desert Trooper

File Name: Tadur, Ronald W.

SN: 371-11-4605

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Maintenance

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada

Grade: E-4

Dusty loves the desert. It´s clean, pure, unforgiving  and allways full of challenges. Dusty was working as a refrigerator repairman and studying desert ecology at night when his pre-enlistment application for the G.I. Joe Team was approved. When Tiger Force was in need of a desert combat specialist, Dusty wasted no time in signing up for it!

“It´s not enough nowadays to have a rapid-reaction force able to respond instantaneously to explosive situations in far flung corners of the globe. That force must be capable of surviving in a diverse array of hostile environments to accomplish its objective. If the Tiger Force team was confronted by a numerically superior Cobra battalion, Dusty would hop on the Tiger Paw and automatically take the point to spearhead the counterattack!”



Green backpack
Black machingun
Black gun-support