Duke v2 – Tiger Force

Code Name: Duke

Tiger Force First Sergeant Squad Leader

File Name: Hauser, Conrad S.

SN: 234-09-7789

Primary Military Speciality: Airborne Infantryman

Secondary Military Speciality: Small-Arms Repairman

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

Grade: E-8 (First Sergeant)

Duke was fluent in French, German and English when he enlisted. Graduated top of this class at Fort Benning Airborne School. Opted for U.S. Army Special Languages School where he specialized in Han Chinese and Sout East Asian dialects. Upon graduation, he server in the Army´s Special Forces unit in South East Asia where he received the Congressional Medal of Honour and 2 Bronze Stars for single-handedly rescuing 34 POW´s from a heavily guarded enemy compound.

“The man´s a walking legend! He´s got more combat experience than some of those generals in the Pentagon! Duke´s the kind of grunt you want to have right by your side when the going gets rough! He can assess any hostile situation with lightning speed and act upon it quicker than you can say ´Tiger Force´. The man doesn´t know the meaning of the word fear! In fact,
I don´t think he has ever heard of the word at all!”



Tan helmet
Green Backpack
Grey binoculars
Grey machinegun