Bazooka v2 – Tiger Force

Code Name: Bazooka

Tiger Force Missile Specialist

File Name: Katzenbogen, David L.

SN: 112-40-0577

Primary Military Speciality: Armour Defeating Weapons System

Secondary Military Speciality: Tiger Shark Driver

Birthplace: Hibbing, Minnesota

Grade: E-5

Bazooka was driving an Abrams tank in the “Third Horde” (Third Armoured Div.) when he came to the realisation that en illiterate farmer armed with a $200 disposable rocket launcher could knock out a million dollar tank with less than two weeks training. With that in mind, he put in for an immediate transfer to Tiger Force. Since that time, Bazooka has become a true specialist in the use of tactical assault missiles. Now, he can fire a surface-to-surface missile at a T-52 tank positioned over 2 miles away and blow off its gun barrel cleaner than knife through butter!

“Bazooka can tell you everything you need to know about missile attack systems, and then some! He´d talk your ear off if he wasn´t always on the missile range target shooting. He never lets his missile launcher out of his sight, even then he goes for a joy ride in the Tiger Shark through Cobra infested waters. He really lives by the words ´Be prepared for anything!´ “



Brown helmet
Dark green backpack
Black bazooka