Ar Puro – Força Tigre

Code Name: Ar Puro

Tiger Force Anti-Radiation

File Name: N/A


Primary Military Speciality: N/A

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: N/A

Grade: N/A

“Let’s see who holds their breath the longest?” That was the game of when Ar Puro was a child. Logical, he was always the best! When they formed their elite troop, the Comandos heard about a young man who had just entered the “record book: 10 minutes without breathing! It was none other than the young “AR PURE”, who was leading a movement against environmental pollution, making a kind of “breath strike”!

“Today, the Comandos da Força Tigre, an elite troop composed of super Comandos for missions that require superhuman ability, can breathe easy because they have a companion that makes any Cobra “lose his breath”.”

“Disclaimer: All text above was done via online translation from the Brazillian filecard.”



Black backpack
Black rubber airhose
Black hose
Black “vacuum”-rifle