Sci-Fi v3
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Sci-Fi

Starfighter Pilot

File Name: Fine, Seymour P.

SN: 793-2919-SF29

Primary Military Speciality: Laser Weapons Systems Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Instrument Repair

Birthplace: Geraldine, Montana

Grade: E-4

Sci-Fi´s facination with electronics and high tech laser optics forced him to take a leave of absence to complete his Master´s Degree in Electronic Engineering. His studies led him to combine a laser weapon´s remote target designator and optical sensors to create an unparalleled security system that has since been adapted by NASA. An obvious genious with lasers and radically designed instrumentation, Sci-Fi became the first recruit to pilot a Starfighter. He handles the jet´s controls with confidence, even at quasar velocities expeeding the speed of light! In combat he fires laser rockets with incredible accuracy, and has turned more than a dozen Cobra Invaders into burned-out pieces of galactic garbage.

“When you´re pulling an inverted G-force dive during a stellar dogfight, there´s NO room for error!”



White/blue helmet
Silver lasergun