Rock´n´Roll v4
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Rock´n´Roll


File Name: McConnel, Craig S.

SN: 989-1314-CM53

Primary Military Speciality: Cybernetic Heavy Weapons Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: PT Instructor (Physical Training)

Birthplace: Malibu, California

Grade: E-6

Rock´n´Roll has served with the G. I. Joe team since its inception and has been constantly updating his equipment and skills. When he heard Duke was recruiting members for the Star Brigade Force, Rock´n´Roll jumped at the chance to fight in space and be outfitted with the latest battle-armor technology. No other Star Brigade member uses his bio-integrated, Robotic Battle Armor quite like Rock´n´ Roll. He braves laser fire, jumps on live grenades, and even chases Cobra B.A.A.T´s right into the sun to capture them (and to toast an occasional marshmellow on the end of his laser rifle).

“Toasting marshmellows or roasting Cobra B.A.A.T.´s, its tough to decide which is more fun.”



Yellow rifle
Yellow shotgun
Yellow submachine gun
Yellow machete
Grey/purple helmet
Silver missile launcher
2x yellow missiles