Roadblock v6 – Star Brigade

Code Name: Roadblock

Space Gunner

File Name: Hinton, Marvin F.

SN: 434-2390-WT27

Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Machine Gunner

Secondary Military Speciality: Cook (Escoffer qualified Chef)

Birthplace: Biloxi, Mississippi

Grade: E-6

What can you say about a guy who totes a 134-pound machine gun as his personal weapon, and who can whip up the meanest freeze-dried crawdad stew this side of the Milky Way? Not much. You can stay out of his field of fire, and ask for seconds. Roadblock is the man who lays down cover fire when the Joes need to clear Cobra Astro Vipers off a planet´s surface. “It´s like scraping bugs off your windshield,” Roadblock always say. “They´re a hassle at first but eventually they get squished and disappear.”

“The only way I like Cobra is the way I like astronaut food: freeze dried!”



Blue/orange helmet
Gold rifle
Gold submachinegun
Gold shotgun
Gold machete
Blue/Gold missile launcher
2x gold missiles