Payload v3 – Star Brigade

Code Name: Payload


File Name: Morgan, Mark Jr.

SN: 357Y-7SU7

Primary Military Speciality: Space Shuttle Astronaut

Secondary Military Speciality: F-4 Phantom Pilot

Birthplace: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Grade: O-6 (Colonel)

Payload grew up watching the early space shots blasting off through the Florida sky. He often stared through a hole in the space center´s security fence and rode the flaming booster rockets in his dreams. Payload worked hard on making those dreams a reality by joining the Air Force on this 18th birthday. He flew F-4 Phantoms over southeast Asia paying his dues and becoming an expert pilot. When he returned stateside he signed up for the astronaut training program. Now he´s a member of G.I. Joe´s elite Star Brigade team fighting to protect Earth and other planets in the deepest voids of space.

“Space is the place to smash Destro in the face!”




Gold missile launcher
2 x Orange missile
Orange footplate
Orange gun
Orange rifle
Orange sniper rifle
Orange knife
(not all acc are shown here)