Countdown v2
– Star Brigade

Code Name: Countdown

Combat Astronaut

File Name: Dubosky, David D.

SN: 111-88-WT27

Primary Military Speciality: Astronaut/Fighter Pilot

Secondary Military Speciality: Electronic Engineer

Birthplace: Plainfield, New Jersey

Grade: O-3 (USAF)

It has been predicted that the battles of tomorrow would be fought in the cosmic realm of space. Today that theory has become reality as G.I. Joe fights to protect Earth – and the universe – from Cobra´s dastardly “Cobranauts”. These space snakes have invaded the upper atmosphere causing G.I. Joe to send up their own stellar specialist, Countdown, to stop them before it´s too late. He´s qualified space shuttle commander, Ghoststriker X-16 Fighter Pilot, NASA astronaut, electric engineer and a ranking chess master. If Cobra wants to pick a fight in space, Countdown will be there to checkmate their every move!

“The only stars I want those Astro Vipers to see will be after an uppercut to the face!”



Red/white helmet
Yellow rifle
Yellow submachinegun
Yellow knife
Black missile launcher
2x yellow missiles