The Fridge – Mail-In

Code Name: The Fridge

Physical Training Instructor

File Name: Perry, William


Primary Military Speciality: Physical Training Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Services

Birthplace: Aiken, South Carolina

Grade: E-5

G.I. Joe training procedures are tough to the max and no expense is spared in insuring that G.I. Joe personnel are prepared to deal with the worst possible scenario. Regular troops tackle standard obstacle courses like fences, crawl pipes and water traps. The G.I. Joe obstacle course consists of only one obstacle – The Fridge.

“If lacrosse is the little brother of war, football must be the rich uncle. Note the similarities: Strategy (offensive and defensive), teamwork, violence, camaraderie, television coverage, parades for the victors and humiliation for the defeated. Using The Fridge to train the Joes is logical and practical…Besides, The Fridge likes to see the looks on their faces when they look up from the mud and see who they have to get past – to pass the course!”



Black football on chain