Super Trooper – Mail-In

Code Name: Super Trooper

File Name: Top Secret

SN: 98/-88-38/9

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Covert Operations

Birthplace: Classified

Grade: N/A

He graduated top of a new army course that´s so secret even the Government is not fully aware of its existence. The object of the programme was to produce individuals capable of sustaining assault operations whilst surviving deep behind enemy lines without support – indefinately. Techniques employed are rumoured to fuse primaevel instincts with the logic capacity of the Greek philosophers – the fall out rate is believed to exceed 85%.

“He´s an all thinking new age warrior, fluent in 7 languages, airborne qualified, an A1 marksman, and a black belt in martial arts unheard of outside Japan. The guy was staff material – the Joint Chiefs had their eyes on him – but so too did the Action Force Team. He´s a one man army – as Hawk says – Thank goodness he´s on our side, no one is unbeatable, but lets put it this way – he can´t lose.”



Silver helmet
Silver shield
Silver submachinegun