Starduster v1c – Mail-In

Code Name: Starduster

Jet Pack Trooper

File Name: Skylar, Edward J.

SN: RA 989-31-5248

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Transportable Air Recon

Secondary Military Speciality: Helicopter Assault

Birthplace: Burlingame, California

Grade: E-5

Starduster was a circus trapeze artist when he enlisted in the Airborne Rangers. He quickly found that his acrobatic skills and boundless energy would come in handy when swinging from a 150-foot rope. But now he did his famous routines suspended from a Huey Assault Copter – with the audience throwing more than just popcorn and peanuts. It was Duke, however, who recognized how well Starduster´s death-defying act would work with the JUMP Jetpack. The combination has been a crowd-pleaser ever since.

“We could be pinned down by artillery, rockets, and flanking small-arms fire – every inch of sky lit by tracer, the lead so thick in the air even the mosquitoes would take cover – but Starduster would be out there in a flash to spot the bad guys. No questions. Straight up into the flack with his characteristic ´show must go on´ attitude, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he calls in enemy positions for our artillery to hit. The guy never fails to keep the act interesting.”



Green JUMP
Lightblue helmet
Black visor
Silver rifle