Sgt. Slaughter – Mail-In

Code Name: Sgt. Slaughter

Drill Instructor

File Name: Classified Top Secret

SN: 817-76-981

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry/Drill Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Survival Trainer

Birthplace: Parris Island, South Carolina

Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)

Just about every member of G.I. Joe team is qualified to be a drill instructor so it takes a special brand of heavy duty honcho to keep ´em squared away. Sgt. Slaughter fits the bill the way his bullet head fits his Smokey the Bear hat. Let´s face it, the man be rough and he takes no guff.

“They say he cut his teeth on a bogey wheel from a Patton tank and that his first words were “Semper Fi”. They say that when the Sarge dresses down a boot in Camp LeJeune, the trainees cringe all the way to Pendleton. Most boots would rather dive for apples in the grease trap than cross the Sarge. They say he can blow a month´s pay in one night in Thule, Greeland. Of course, ´jarheads´ are prone to exaggeration. We all know it´s impossible to blow a month´s pay in Thule, Greenland.”



Brown baton