Code Name: Rapid-Fire

Fast Attack Expert

File Name: London, Robbie

SN: 903-9432-TY32

Primary Military Speciality: Fast Attack Expert

Secondary Military Speciality: Sabotage

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington

Grade: O-3 (Captain)

Rapid-Fire graduated at the top of the first class to be processed through the Army´s new school for fast attack maneuvers. Suffice to say, the object of the program is to produce highly motivated individuals with advanced technical skills for light ordnance assault operations deep within enemy territory. Requirements consist of fluency in 3 languages, airborne qualification, and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

“Rapid-Fire never takes the easy way out when it comes to doing things – but completed the Point´s grueling ten week Cadet Summer Orientation in only 5 weeks. He went to West Point the hard way – by enlisting in the Army straight out of high school. This guy is constantly on the go, trying to be the best G.I. Joe at everything! If he keeps it up, he´ll be calling the shots at the Pentagon soon enough!”



Lightgreen helmet
Lightgreen submachine gun
(Videotape, not shown here)