Mutt & Junkyard v2.5 – Euro Release

Code Name: Mutt

Animal Control/Utilisation Technician

File Name: Mackenzie, Andrew

SN: 2315-5690-MA10

Primary Military Speciality: Animal Control/Utilisation Technician

Secondary Military Speciality: Covert Operations Specialist

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Grade: E-5

Mutt had five dogs while growing up. He had a particular knack for training them to obey his every command. Once, when a prowler tried to break into his family´s home, Mutt ordered his dogs not to bark as they surrounded and contained the would-be thief. The dogs did what they were told and the culprit was later arrested by the police. Now, that´s control. When he was older, Mutt enlisted in the Army where, after boot camp, he was scooped up by the GI Joe K-9 battalion. He is presently assigned to the GI Joe´s special dog training unit, for duty as the unit´s animal control and utilisation technician.

“I´ve never seen a guy display more control over ´man´s best friend´! Whatever he says, they do. He has them trained to never retreat, unless ordered to do so. In fact, Mutt supervised an operation where his dogs chased three Cobra agents for five miles before he ordered them back. Is that blind obedience or loyalty? We´re still trying to figure that out!”



Black dogleash
Black face mask
Grey helmet
Grey submachine gun
Grey night stick