General Hawk v3 – Mail-In

Code Name: General Hawk

G. I. Joe Commander

File Name: Abernathy, Clayton M.

SN: RA 212-75-406

Primary Military Speciality: N/A

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: Denver, Colerado

Grade: O-7 (Brigadier General)

As a rule, General Officers direct battle from the safety of the rear echelons, but the commander of a tightly coordinated, rapid deployment force like the G.I. Joe Team has to be right on top of the action at all times, ready to make split-second decisions on tactical developments as they happen. The combination of jet pack and communications helmet allows Hawk to survey the progress of battle as well as keep in constant radio contact with all elements of his command!

“Some Generals like to come out and give a nice speech before a fight, full of ‘go-get-’em’ and ‘yay-team’, and that’s the last you see of them until the dust settles and they’re back up from the rear again, handing out medals and trying to look as battle-weary as they can in starched fatigues. When Hawk takes you into a hairy situation, he’s usually in FRONT of you yelling, ‘Follow me!'”



Yellow helmet
Yellow visor
Green rifle
Black jetpack