Claymore – Special Mission: Brazil

– Special Mission: Brazil

Code Name: Claymore

G.I. Joe Covert Operations

File Name: Zullo, John

SN: MH 009-40-3277

Primary Military Speciality: Anti-Terrorist Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Martial Arts

Birthplace: Manchester, Vermont

Grade: Captain

Claymore was born to the son of an immigrant who came to this country to work in the marble quarries of Vermont. A graduate of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, Claymore finished at the top of his class with a major in Eastern Philosophy. He´s master at Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Portuguese languages.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army and served three hitches back to back somewhere in South East Asia. His work there was, and still is, classified. Attented Airborne and Ranger School. Qualified expert in all NATO small arm and long range sniper rifles as well as all NATO and Warsaw Pact explosive devices. Proficient in all forms of martial arts.

Joined the Joe Team at the insistence of Hawk. His only stipulation was that he be called in on special assignments only. Hawk agreed. Claymore is respected by all branches of the armed services and his reputation as a soldier is known far and wide. Very few men have ever seen Claymore – but those who have server under him have not and will not ever forget him.



Dark/olivedrape helmet
Grey uzi