Tunnel Rat v3 – Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Tunnel Rat


File Name: Lee, Nicky

SN: 367-8490-ZX90*

Primary Military Speciality: E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Engineer

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Grade: E-5

* Tunnel Rat’s Security Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in G.I. Joe Security.

Tunnel Rat’s been listed for years as a qualified expert with NATO small arms and all Warsaw Pact explosive devices. His superior hand-to-hand combat fighting ability above and below the ground made him an ideal recruit for the Sonic Fighters’ detachment. And after five years of using standard issue weapons in makeshift combat situations, Tunnel Rat jumped at the chance to work with a crack unit of veteran soldiers armed with some of the most sophisticated and highly advanced weaponry available.

“When Tunnel Rat heard about the Sonic Fighters, he came out of the tunnel so fast, the backdraft caused a cave-in. I guess he couldn’t wait to see the look on the enemy’s face when he started unloading 1000 rounds a minute, six feet underground.”

Assigned Armaments: FIM 92-A Surface-To-Air Rocket Launcher, 7.62mm M60 GPMG**, Pulse Beam Laser Pistol and modified 9mm pistol.

Weapons Qualification: Expert

**General Purpose Machine Gun





Grey backpack
Black machinegun
Black laser gun
Black pistol
Black missile launcher
(Black missile stand, not shown here)