Lt. Falcon v2
– Super Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Lt. Falcon

Green Beret

File Name: Falcon, Vincent R.

SN: 035-3855-LF64*

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Medic

Birthplace: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Grade: O-2 (1st Lt.)

*Lieutenant Falcon´s security number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in G. I. Joe Security

A second generation Special Forces trooper, Lt. Falcon has snake eating and jumping out of airplanes in his blood. A qualified expert with all NATO and Soviet Bloc small arms, he can field strip, clean and reassemble most common military pistols, submachine guns and assault rifles in complete darkness and not wind up with leftover parts! Specially trained to maintain and modify all of the Sonic Fighters´innovative and highly advanced weapons systems, Lt. Falcon is also cross-trained in demolitions, medicine and languages (Spanish, French, Arabic and Swahili).

“Falcon knows that the only kind of respect that´s worth having is the kind that´s EARNED and not handed out with rank. When you go stepping out into bad-guy country with the Falcon, you can depend on him to pull his own weight and put his butt on the line when the ´worst possible scenario´ becomes a bone-chilling reality. He leads by example, and to a grunt in the field, that´s the best kind of leadership, bar none.”

Assigned Armaments: 5.56MM XAR2 Automatic Assault Rifle, and “Scatter Blast” laser rifle with laser tracking sensors.



Blue/Yellow helmet
Green rifle
Green gun
Green/Yellow backpack