Dial-Tone v3
– Sonic Fighters

Code Name: Dial-Tone


File Name: Morelli, Jack S.

SN: 428-7133-BA60*

Primary Military Speciality: Radio Telecommunications

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: Eugene, Oregon

Grade: E-4

* Dial-Tone’s Security Number has been specially modified to prevent breaches in G.I. Joe Security.

Dial-Tone’s been fixing and building communication systems since he was knee high to a Thyratron. Ten years experience and advanced forces training has also made him an expert in the field of laser technology. To Dial-Tone, bouncing a message off a satellite halfway around the globe, and firing a high-intensity laser burst at a moving target are essentially the same thing. So when he heard the high command was looking for seasoned troopers with specialized skills, Dial-Tone said, “Hold my calls!” Dial-Tone is also the unofficial electronics repairman for the team.

“Out in the field, Dial-Tone used to be the guy caught in a fire fight, huddled in the mud somewhere, screaming at headquarters for reinforcement. Now, he’s the reinforcement, and the only message this guy sends is, ‘Duck!'”

Assigned Armaments: Multi-Burst Laser Pistol, XML-3000 Laser Rifle, 40mm XML-2000 Grenade Launcher, and 5.56mm Submachine Gun.

Weapons Qualification: Sharpshooter



Black backpack
Black grenade launcher
Black laser rifle
Black machinegun
Black lasergun