Static Line – Sky Patrol

Code Name: Static Line

Sky Patrol Demolitions Expert

File Name: Badducci, Wallace J.

SN: 782-6001-XR52

Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Demolitions Expert

Secondary Military Speciality: Aircraft Maintenance

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: E-7

The common perception of a demolitions expert is a guy who blows things up. Static Line does the opposite. He prevents things from destruction be defusing them or rendering them inert. This is an extremely valuable skill if your unit conducts strikes behind enemy lines that are probably mined and booby-trapped with high-impact, motion-sensitive firing devices.

“Static Line has a nose for finding hard-to-find things, such as money. He picks five dollar bills off sidewalks in front of movie theathers, twenties from supermarket check-out line, or even loose change that people carelessly pull out of their pockets. Is he lucky? No. He is just the type of person who constantly examines every square inch of ground before he steps on it!”



Grey backpack
Silver parachute
Silver/black helmet
Silver machinegun
Silver gun