Skydive – Sky Patrol

Code Name: Skydive

Sky Patrol Leader

File Name: Felix, Lynton N.

SN: 131-4569-FX90

Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Leader

Secondary Military Speciality: Personnel Administration

Birthplace: Pensacola, Florida

Grade: E-8

Skydive spent ten years on staff at the Ranger School in Fort Benning and earned a reputation for being the toughest NCO* in the program! He would skip breakfast just so he wouldn´t spoil his appetite for eating snakes and water bugs. A twenty mile forced march is a piece of cake for this guy. Ranger trainees hate his guts when he puts them through the ringer during the program. In time, most come to appreciate his devotion to “train hard and fight easy” especially after they´ve fought their first hand-to-hand battle.

* Non-Commissioned Officer

“Sky Patrol operates deep within enemy territory, cut off from supply and support. There can be no margin for error when you´re that far behind the lines. One mistake and you´re history! Only a battle-hardened veteran can pull off a mission without a hitch. That´s just the type of leader you´ll get with Skydive – the most successful head-knocker in the patrol!”



Blue parachute pack
Silver parachute
Grey rifle
Grey pistol
Silver helmet