Drop Zone – Sky Patrol

Code Name: Drop Zone

Sky Patrol Weapons Specialist

File Name: Delisi, Samuel C.

SN: 675-4109-SG54

Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Weapons Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Forces Advisor

Birthplace: Poteau, Oklahoma

Grade: E-8

Drop Zone loves his job, every olive-drab bit of it. He is at his best when the cold wind hits his face as soon as he steps out of a C-130 transport at 20,000 feet. He relishes the smell of gun oil and nitro solvent on his MAC-10. The sound of artillery rounds soaring overhead is music to his ears. He still can´t believe that he actually gets paid to have this much fun!

“Just because he volunteers for every hazardous assignment doesn´t qualify him for special commendation. This guy is fully aware of all the cruel realities that accompany a battle. His main concern is to successfully complete the mission to the best of his ability. Drop Zone is a true G.I. Joe dogface. He believes that duty and honor still have meaning in today´s complex society and that Cobra is lower than pond scum!”



Silver helmet
Orange visor
Brown dual machinegun
Brown parachute pack w/silver chute