Airborne – Sky Patrol

Code Name: Airborne

Sky Patrol Parachute Assembler

File Name: Six, Robert M.

SN: 501-2232-DP65

Primary Military Speciality: Sky Patrol Parachute Assembler

Secondary Military Speciality: Battlefield Medic

Birthplace: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Grade: E-7

All paratroopers pack their own chutes so they´ll have no one to blame but themselves if their canopies fail to open. Assembling a chute is another matter altogether. The maintenance of the canopy and shroud line is best left to the master rigger, and there isn´t a man in the Army who knows more about the standard U.S. T-10 parachute than Airborne. Once the patrol is safely on the ground, Airborne becomes their combat medic. He´s a real lifesaver, in more ways than one.

“Airborne is one of the most popular guys in the patrol. You have to like him. He makes sure your parachute opens every time you make a jump. Airborne´s also the individual who has to go out, usually under heavy enemy fire, to save you from an unfortunate encounter with a bullet, or from a run-in with a land mine. Through thick and thin, Airborne is always there when you need him.”



Silver helmet
Black machinegun
Grey parachute pack w/silver chute