Taurus – Renegades

Code Name: Taurus


File Name: Ayvazyan, Varujan

SN: 401-19-8426

Primary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Secondary Military Speciality: N/A

Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey

Grade: E-5 (equivalent)

Taurus´s name isn´t carried on the rosters of any existing military unit. There is no computer access to his dossier and he is paid through a special fund earmarked for ´Pentagon Pest Control´. This gives him a freedom of operation which G.I. Joe can´t match. It also means that the government can deny everything if he´s caught.

Taurus was a circus acrobat in Europe who did occasional undercover work for Interpol. His circus act involved breaking two-by-fours on his own face, a feat which so impressed the G.I. Joe top brass, he was recruited on the spot. Taurus has been cross-trained in explosive and mountaineering and is fluent in a dozen languages.

“He´s an animal. He stops hockey-pucks with his forehead and opens bottles with his nostrils. Lucky for us, he does everything G.I. Joe HQ tells him!”



Brown backpack
Silver rifle