Spirit v2 – Marauders

Code Name: Spirit


File Name: Iron-Knife, Charlie

SN: 1465-1009-AP34

Primary Military Speciality: Tracker

Secondary Military Speciality: Cartographer

Birthplace: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grade: E-5

Spirit grew up in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, the Grand Canyon. He quickly learned every square inch of the Canyon´s many trails and danger spots. What set Spirit apart from the rest of his contemporaries was his uncanny ability to know exactly where he was at all times! After he enlisted in the Army, Spirit served in Southeast Asia where he was commander of scout patrols. Now, as a member of Slaughter´s Marauders, Spirit´s job is to lead the unit through the most hostile of combat zone to flush-out Cobra agents and bring them in for interrogation.

“This indian is one tough warrior. He can small-out the enemy from 50 miles away. His sense of direction is as reliable as the most sophisticated radar system in the armed forces. If you´re on a pre-dawn mission with Spirit, in the middle of nowhere, and you haven´t a clue as to how to get back to the base, just stick with him and he´ll be back in time for chow.”



Black backpack
Black rifle
Black/brown belt
Brown/white eagle