SGT SLAUGHTER V4 – Marauders

Code Name: Sgt. Slaughter

Slaughter´s Marauders Commander

File Name: Classified Top Secret

SN: 8174-7696-DI33

Primary Military Speciality: Commander, Slaughter´s Marauders

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry Drill Instructor

Birthplace: Parris Island, South Carolina

Grade: E-7 (Sergeant)

Sgt. Slaughter is G.I. Joe´s premiere drill instructor and special forces leader who has proved that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome! His “gung ho” style and aggressive attitude have helped gain him the respect as G.I. Joe´s toughest D.I. As the commander of Slaughter´s Marauders, G.I. Joe´s newest task force, the Sarge has full authority to deploy the most powerful artillery to get the job done. When the Sarge is on the move, Cobra´s on the run!

“When Sgt. Slaughter yells ´jump´, the men say ´how high´? He commands the toughest, most disciplined outfit in G.I. Joe. The man is a master of getting the troops to do what needs to be done! You can see it in his success ratio; he has never lost a confrontation! That means something, especially when he´s constantly slugging it out with the most diabolical combat machine in the world…Cobra!”



Brown baton