Low-Light v2 (EU)
– Marauders

Code Name: Low-Light

Night Spotter

File Name: MacBride, Cooper G.

SN: 2459-0000-FE11

Primary Military Speciality: Night Spotter

Secondary Military Speciality: Marksmanship Instructor

Birthplace: Crosby, New Mexico

Grade: E-6

As a child in New Mexico, Low-Light was afraid of the dark, timid with animals and shy of loud noises…until one precarious hunting expedition with his father. Low-Light somehow lost his way in the impenetrable darkness. He was found three weeks later with his flashlight, .22 rifle and a grin from ear to ear. Ten years later he was an instructor at the Army marksmanship program in Ft. Benning. Low-Light is also a self-taught expert on image intensification.

“The Sarge likes to have Low-Light along during nighttime missions. It´s amazing to watch him guide the Marauders to their destination behind enemy lines, complete their objective, then get them out of there, all under the blanket of pure blackness! It´s crazy, but Low-Light sees better in the dark than he does in the light.”



Black backpack
Black Uzi machinegun
Black sniperrifle w/bipod