Footloose v2 – Marauders

Code Name: Footloose

Infantry Trooper

File Name: Meyers, Andrew D.

SN: 039-1010-ZE76

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Services

Birthplace: Gary, Indiana

Grade: E-4

Footloose was valedictorian of his high school class, captain of the track team and an Eagle scout. He was going for his degree in Phys. Ed. on a state scholarship when he suddenly dropped out, moved to the west coast and became quite weird for about three years. He was standing on the boardwalk in Venice pondering something cosmic when the utter pointlessness of his existence hit him right between the eyes like a runaway freight train. “I think I will join the Army” he said, and promptly did. Now, he´s an integral part in the G.I. Joe fighting machine!

“Some of Footloose´s fellow Marauders think he still have a few screws loose. but, when it comes to organizing an attack against Cobra, he´s as sane as a general. If we´re caught in a ´no-win´ situation and the cards are on the table, you can bet the bank the Sarge is going to put Footloose at the head of the patrol to get our tails out of there, fast!”



Black helmet
Black backpack
Black bazooka/LAW
Black M-16 rifle