– Ninja Force

Code Name: T´jbang

Ninja Swordsman

File Name: LaQuale, Sam

SN: 090-6721-HA77

Primary Military Speciality: Martial Arts Swordsman

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry

Birthplace: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Grade: E-7

A former disciple of the master swordsman of Storm Shadow´s Ninja clan, T´jbang forged and honed his own personal sword, precisely balanced for his ultra-secret technique, known only as the “Silent Backslash”. T´jbang developed this omnious form by swiping at flying bats in the deep caverns in a remote mountain range. No one who has ever seen him using it ever lived to tell about it! T´jbang has sworn oath of silence for reasons known only to his second cousin Storm Shadow. When he´s not engaged in deep meditation, T´jbang charges into combat while flying the G. I. Joe Battle Copters.

“I put my fear behind me and my skill before me. Thus, I am unassailable!”




Lightblue Battle Axe
Lightblue Sword