Storm Shadow v3
– Ninja Force

Code Name: Storm Shadow

Ninja Force Leader

File Name: Arashikage, Thomas S.

SN: 392-8793-NJ11

Primary Military Speciality: Covert Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Martial Arts Instructor

Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri

Grade: E-8 (First Sergeant)

Storm Shadow is a former U.S. Army LRRP*, former Cobra Viper, last Grand Master for the Arashikage Ninja Clan, sword brother to the inscrutable Snake-Eyes, and now the leader of the newly formed G. I. Joe Ninja Force. Drawing from generations of secret lore and years of practical combat experience, Storm Shadow imparts to his Ninja Force such esoteric techniques as the “Cloak of Chameleon” and “Screaming Whirlwind”. When he´s on patrol, Storm Shadow operates in the lethal G. I. Joe Patriot.

*Long Range Recon Patrol

“Train hard, fight easy!”



White Sickle
White Sword