– Ninja Force

Code Name: Nunchuk

Nunchaku Ninja

File Name: Badducci, Ralph

SN: 980-4290-KB22

Primary Military Speciality: Self-Defence Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Ordnance

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Grade: E-5

Nunchuk studied mystic fighting forms at the school of a mysterious blind master in Denver. Driven by the need to perfect his form, Nunchuk moved to San Francisco and enrolled in the martial arts school where his distinctive style caught the eye of the sensei*, Storm Shadow. There, Storm Shadow personally supervised his instructions and when Nunchuk was ready, Storm Shadow made him a G.I. Joe Ninja Force fighter. Nunchuk specializes in nunchaku attack styles, utilizing the terrifying form known as the “Samurai Smash”. He enjoys taking on Cobra while commanding the G. I. Joe Battle Wagon.


“You take the two on the left, I´ll deal with the other seventeen!”



Black nunchuk
Black sword