– Ninja Force

Code Name: Dojo

Silent Weapons Ninja

File Name: Russo, Michael P.

SN: 761-3893-MP04

Primary Military Speciality: Martial Arts Weapons Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Kung-Fu Instructor

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Grade: E-8

Dojo was the secret pupil of a Ninja master in hiding and was taught how to utilize the secret combat techniques using chain and sickle, three section staff, sai and throwing dirk. Impressed with Dojo´s unbeatable skills and immutable integrity, Storm Shadow persuaded him to join the G.I. Joe Ninja Force. The most talkative of the Ninja Force fighters, Dojo believes that a steady patter disrupts the thoughts of the opponents, setting them up for his surprice “Lightning Strike” maneuver. He can often be seen driving the G.I. Joe Brawler.

“I hope you all came here for the FIGHT, because that´s what I´m here for!”




Blue Sickle
Blue Sword